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Hearts of Iron IV: Increased Resources (inactive)
Скачивай этот мод Increased Resources (inactive) для Hearts of Iron IV и приведи свою нацию к победе и процветанию в условиях Второй Мировой Войны! Положи врагов на лопатки!



13 Apr 2018


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Эта модификация добавляет Increased Resources (inactive) в игру.

Оригинальное описание: Increased Resources (inactive)

This mod will not be updated!This mod is inactive and I will not be updating it for the following reasons:
I have been struck by serious chronical illness which prevents me from working on it.The mod itself is balanced badly and contains many inaccuracies, updating it would require a serious effort and new historical research.My interest in HOI4 in general has faded.
Should you wish to update this mod by yourself, you have my blessing! Just remember to credit me in the workshop page!

This mod increases the amount of resources around the world, most notable outside of Europe, in an effort to create a more balanced, realistic and historically accurate gaming experience. Minor nations across the world become much more enjoyable to play.

This mod is not ironman compatibleThis mod is multiplayer compatible. Provided everyone playing has the mod enabled.This mod is savegame compatible. You can turn it on and off mid-game without danger.This mod is NOT compatible with other mods that change province data (Kaiserreich, The Great War, Millenium Dawn, etc.)
Most Notable Changes

African has had a significant overhaul regarding resources. No longer does the continent produce nothing but sticks and stones. Creating an Afrika corps as Germany or putting some extra effort into the African theater as Italy now makes much more sense and is a little more rewarding.


My research into various countries’ resource production revealed to me that Australia is heavily underpowered in vanilla Hearts of Iron IV. With this mod, Australia finally has the proper amount of resources it deserves and turns it into a country worth doing a playthrough with.


Off all nations, China’s resource production may well be the worst represented in the vanilla game. With this mod, China finally gets some of the resources it should have. Another country which is worth a playthrough.

Central and South America

Central and South American countries tend be almost be redundant nations in Hearts of Iron IV. Only very often do they join in World War 2 and contribute to your playthrough. With this mod, the resource values of industrialised countries like Brazil and Argentina have been significantly enhanced to represent their realistic resource production.

The Middle East

To Paradox Studios this might come as a surprise, but: The Middle East does not solely produce oil. In fact, countries like Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are very strong producers of aluminium and Saudi Arabia and Egypt are notable producers of Steel in the region. This mod creates a more accurate image of the region’s resource production.

CreditThis mod was strongly inspired by the Persia Rising mod.Many thanks to LucasNake for helping me update the mod to 1.2.1Many thanks to Bebéodend for helping me update the mod to 1.4Many thanks to Vince for helping me with some logistics

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