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Hearts of Iron IV: Cold War Iron Curtain: A World Divided
Скачивай этот мод Cold War Iron Curtain: A World Divided для Hearts of Iron IV и приведи свою нацию к победе и процветанию в условиях Второй Мировой Войны! Положи врагов на лопатки!

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1 Aug 2020


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Cold War: The Iron Curtain - Music

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Оригинальное описание: Cold War Iron Curtain: A World Divided

The Year is 1949, a shattered planet begins to fall back into the arms of tyranny and conflict, as new rivalries emerge.Welcome to a new era of struggle, determination and conflict, as nations struggle to achieve independence and power. Superpowers rise from the ashes of old, with ideologies that shall determine the fate of the human race permanently. As the superpowers jockey militarily and economically for supremacy, many nations are freed from the yokes of colonial oppression, and finally the people of entire continents, have a say in determining their destiny.War brews in East Asia yet again, and the African continent will no longer bear the immoral oppression of their people. Eastern Europe is encompassed by the Soviet sphere, and the West seeks to salvage its crumbling throne.Will you spread your ideas across the globe peacefully, or will you tighten your bootstraps? Over 20 years of content for the Major Powers, i.e USA, USSR, PRC10-20 years of content for numerous Minor Powers.A UN Mechanic to simulate real politics.Multiple start dates, in 1949, 1960 and 1970.A fully functional DEFCON and MAD system.The ability to use Chemical and Biological weapons.Thousands of custom events, to relive the Cold War in realtime.A detailed Economic System, including money, policies, edicts, and much more.Take and payback loans and bonds, or face the wrath of the debtors.Purchase equipment, such as tanks and aircraft from various suppliers.One of the largest tech trees available in any mod, spanning 70 years of content.A handcrafted and rich world-map, dense with thousands of new provinces and states.30+ Ideologies, to lead your nation on it’s path to greatness.A GUI that encompasses the authentic Cold War aesthetic.Multiple unique mechanics for many nations.Beautiful hand crafted models for soldiers and equipment.Focus trees for most major and minor nations till the 90’s at least.Additional starting dates until 1990.Content for more minor nations.Detailed historical flavor, and events.A reworked trading system to simulate global economics.»The mod does not work correctly/ there are some game-breaking bugs.»The mod is very stable, and if you are facing some grave issues, it is probably due to Steam creating issues with mod installation, which is very common. Do not run any other mods with this mod, as it will most likely create instability.The solution to most issues, is to simply reinstall the mod.»I have further bugs and issues.»Send a detailed bug report of the issue on eitherthe Discord Server[discord.gg] or the Github Page[github.com].»When will the next update be out?»Release dates aren’t set in stone, and you can find more details about the next release on the Discord Server[discord.gg]. However…»I cannot wait for the next update, and wish to play with the changes!»There is a publicly available Dev/Github Version available to try on our Github Page[github.com]. If you have trouble installing you can find the instructions on the Discord Server.»Where is the new focus tree?»Due to the length of the mod, focus trees change either roughly at the start of a new decade, or when an election takes place. But most countries have unique conditions to trigger their focuses. If there are any confusions simply ask on the Discord Server.»How can I help support this mod?»You can help by volunteering on our Discord Server[discord.gg].Official SubmodsHere is a list of the curated Official Submods.TranslationsChinese Translation: LinkKorean Translation: LinkRussian Translation: LinkJapanese Translation: LinkIron Curtain WikiA wiki is currently under development, and will be listed here soon.Apply to DevelopIf you have the passion and are willing to help, there are many ways you can do so. From coding, to writing descriptions and events, or making pictures and icons. There is always something for someone passionate to help with. You can start by letting a dev know on the Discord Server[discord.gg].The DevelopersProject Lead Swf541, Polarace, Starfoth, Kreunz, Higuyscd32, Timur the Lame, Zarathustra_the_Godless, Comrade Doggo, Parnjt, Boski, Nasos4, Spirit of USSR, Deathlinger, Niko, Ido, Steyer, Mcborscht, Scarecroww, M&M, Lavrentis Beria, Refused Stone, RobDaFlob, Jav, Lt_KaranDev/ContributorsJonJon, Gre, Chatterbox, Vapor, F1nnisher, Death Octimus, Troiya, ChosunOne, Birran, christopher0936, DemmieRepkin, Hegan Tank, xen, Dan, Geimo, Blyatman, Yabadab, St Bernard of Clairvaux, Big Papa, fahmu_bnd, -=TORN=-, vindictive, lushr, Curious Twit, RediaRetiredstalker20299, Who Built The Pyrimids, PunishedYehudah, Polindus, Pacifica, Nicolas Eskubi, Battelman2, Dawildcat, Luki1223, Hans, Seanarchy, Takonas, Andreas, Jared, Beavertails, Riprap, Johnny, Stuffi3000, Osticles, Icysmooth, DeLocked, Kaiser1871, Jesus, 2polev, Drafigo, Krco, soiglotreekavicator, Utoftfighter, Generalis, Crusade, Siegerkranz, Cato, Indyclone77, Plasomus, Vaughn, CMDR Voltages, Gatts, Edward VII, Anthony158, Kano, Supermob, Major X/Doc, Maya, Crusade, LordGoat, Comrade Kitten, Aco_Tsar, Admiral Enterprise, BlackIce91, Captain Gen, ColonialRebel, Cpt_Boony_Hat, Dogs231, Full metal benis, Gokonut, Imperialism, Karkas132, KattiValk, MinhPhan2, moshe, MTNNFF, nas4, Noblesse Oblige, ringwraith, Sky Turtle, ThaZeus, THE SILVER SERPENT EMPEROR, TheErupted, Vanadi, XArbaX, 1945, Not LibraNotable MentionsOBh RB33, SkelSa, Arvidus, Master Splinter, Border Outline by Algerian General, Black Ice Dev Team, Ape Spirit, Modern Day 4 Dev Team, CaptainGen, MrBlazzartm, Colonial Rebel, Indyclone, Spicy, Calm Before the Storm, Algerian General, Modding Co-op Shared Asset GitLab, Spartakus, TNO, MtM, Kaiserreich Team, Stuffi3000, LimonenZitrone, Grestin, Strategy Gamer, Cherios, Yard1If you would like to support our years of hard work, and help support our large team of developers, you can have a look at our Patreon[www.patreon.com] page here.

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