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City Car Driving: Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster для версии v.1.5.9
Скачивай этот мод Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster для City Car Driving v.1.5.9 и получай удовольствие от динамичного вождения и погружения в максимально приближенные к реальности дорожные условия City Car Driving!



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Данная модификация добавляет в игру автомобиль Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster.

Оригинальное описание: Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster

Fast Mercedes with an open top and a large number of extras.

External features (new):
– Externally functional support! The caliper does not move with the brake disc, turns with the wheel, reacts to unevenness. And they said that it was impossible [2]
– New setting of headlights with more correct glow. Again, not just a “setting”, but an innovation – the inner and outer cone of the glow.
– Fast switching of automatic (robotic) gearbox operation. Previously, this affects the tuning and the manual transmission, as a result of which it was difficult to use the manual transmission. Now the setting does not affect the manual transmission.
– Shaking the car (engine) at high revs. An innovation that adds realism.
– Implemented the Ackerman principle in steering for better road stability
– Rebuilt physics and brakes

SOUND features:
– Starter sound, both external and inside the car (innovation, has not been implemented before)
– Dovrnik sound (innovation, not previously implemented)
– Made the ABS sound quieter (innovation, not previously implemented)
– Implemented new sound of the car sliding (and braking) on ​​the asphalt (new, not previously implemented)
– Engine sound from outside (new sound)
– Engine sound from the passenger compartment
– Sounds of turn signals (new sound)
– Sound of turning signals on and off (new sound)
– Sound of turning on engine on / off from the passenger compartment (new sound)
– Sound of engine on / off from outside (new sound)
– Sound of wearing a seat belt (new sound)
– Sound of a sound signal from the passenger compartment / outside (new sound)
– Sound of gear shifting (new sound)

List of available extras:
1. Red leather in the cabin No. 1 (Red leather in the salon No. 1 )
2. Gray leather in the cabin # 1 (Gray leather in the cabin # 1)
3. White leather in the cabin # 1 (White leather in the cabin # 1)
4. Red leather in the cabin # 2 (Red leather in the cabin # 2)
5 .Grey leather in the cabin # 2 (Gray leather in the cabin # 2)
6. White leather in the cabin # 2 (White leather in the cabin # 2)
7. Roof (Roof)
8. Black Edition
9. Without numbers (Without numbers)
10 . Wide frames (Wide frames)
11. Wheels black stock (Wheels x3m Black)
12. Rims GLE 1 (Wheels GLE 1)
13. Rims GLE 2 (Wheels GLE 2)
14. Rims w222 (Wheels w222)
15. tinting without a forehead (tinting without a windshield)
16. tinting in a circle (completely tinted)
17. Gray insert in the cabin (gray insert in the cabin)
18. Black insert in the cabin (black insert in the cabin)
19. Tinted headlights (Tinted headlights)
20. Spoyler
21. Red caliper (Red caliper)
22. Blue caliper (Blue caliper)
23. Green caliper (Green caliper)

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