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CMS 2021: McLaren F1
Преврати свою небольшую автомастерскую в первоклассное тюнинг-ателье. Устанавливай этот мод и добавляй McLaren F1 в свою автомобильную коллекцию. Сделай игру в Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 еще разнообразнее!

29 Sep 2021


78.149 MB

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Эта модификация добавляет McLaren F1 в игру Car Mechanic Simulator 2018.

Оригинальное описание: McLaren F1

There is no car more perfect than the F1, it is everything you could ever ask for.
I’ve spent quite some time working on this to include almost every version of the F1, making them all work as one mod, this is both my F1 and F1 GT mods from 2018 in one, but with way way more.
This is at least to this point by the far the most expensive car in game, I don’t suggest downloading this unless you have a lot of of money already, but I also don’t suggest downloading it if you don’t want your game economy to break.

Spawning Locations
All versions available everywhere:
Regular F1
F1 GT (Longtail homologation)
F1 GTR Longtail (low downforce)
F1 GTR Lontail (high downforce)

Additional Info
Follow the thumbnails, this is important, any version can become any other version of the car, but make sure you follow what the thumbnails say for things to come out properly.

I’ve spent quite some time tuning the handling for this, and I’d like to say this is probably one of the best handling cars I’ve made for cms period, it does require patience and paying attention though, make sure to drive it like a car with no abs (as it is)

GT — rear ET=50
GTR longtail normal front end — Front ET=35/Rear ET=50
GTR longtail wide front end — Front ET=50/Rear ET=50

As with so many things much thanks you French_Toast for his amazing work with the liveries, they really make this mod come to life!

Colliders are the way they are for the front and back of the longtail because you cannot have multiple ones for the same car, so just deal with the fact you can walk into the front and back. Also I’ve brought it up to the devs about not being able to get close to the sides, it appears to just be a bug with cars with butterfly doors and none of us are quite sure why, it’s fine when driving it though.

Ways To Help Me Out
If you like the work I do and want some exclusive content click here:
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Избегай дублирования директорий, следи за тем, чтобы папка имела название автомобиля и содержала файлы модификации.

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