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CMS 2021: Bolt Supernova 1054 Edition
Преврати свою небольшую автомастерскую в первоклассное тюнинг-ателье. Устанавливай этот мод и добавляй Bolt Supernova 1054 Edition в свою автомобильную коллекцию. Сделай игру в Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 еще разнообразнее!

20 Aug 2020


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Эта модификация добавляет Bolt Supernova 1054 Edition в игру Car Mechanic Simulator 2018.

Оригинальное описание: Bolt Supernova 1054 Edition

This is a config file for my Bolt Supernova 1054 Edition.

SN 1054, a star gone supnernova in the Taurus constellation and first observed in the year 1054 AD, was widely spectated across Asia with naked eyes. This incredible explosion, currently approximated at 6,500 light years from our own system, remained visible in those ancestral heavens for nearly two years. Its remnants are that of the iconic and awe-inspiring Crab Nebula, observed in perpetuity since its birth throughout the last millennium. Its validity as the child of SN 1054 was confirmed by Jan Oort in 1942. This colossal Cosmic Crustacean was first photographed by the Hubble Telescope on October 1st, 1973.

With this edition of the Bolt Supernova, fine-tuning and various optimizations have enabled a significant boost in its stock power output, allowing you to explode off the line like a dying star. With the aid of upgraded after-market components, you’ll gain another 70% increase in output, closing in on 740 HP. Though the AM parts compatible with this vehicle are limited for the time being, more are sure to be released, further increasing your chances of red-shifting those who oppose.

Various components have been resituated around the engine-well. Ride height has been lowered. Rear disc brakes and an ABS system have been installed, along with shorter pipes, turbine rims, and vintage racing tires. Stock power output has been increased by 40%.
Everything is lined out nice and neat.

1054 Edition can be found in the Junkyard, Auction, and Barns.

I’m always open to suggestions and improvements. Hope you enjoy the build.
Thanks a bunch, much love, and cheers to the beers. 😉

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