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CMS 2018: Land Rover 88
Преврати свою небольшую автомастерскую в первоклассное тюнинг-ателье. Устанавливай этот мод и добавляй Land Rover 88 в свою автомобильную коллекцию. Сделай игру еще разнообразнее!

13 Feb 2020


20.171 MB

Требуется DLC:

Tuning DLC, Jeep DLC

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Мастерская Steam:

Эта модификация добавляет Land Rover 88 в игру Car Mechanic Simulator 2018.

Оригинальное описание: Land Rover 88

The Land Rover series I, II, and III (commonly referred to as series Land Rovers, to distinguish them from later models) are off-road vehicles produced by the British manufacturer Rover Company that were inspired by the US-built Willys Jeep

The Land Rover was conceived by the Rover Company in 1947 during the aftermath of World War II,Rover’s chief designer came up with a plan to produce a light agricultural and utility vehicle. The Land Rover was designed to only be in production for two or three years to gain some cash flow and export orders for the Rover Company so it could restart up-market car production. Once car production restarted, however, it was greatly outsold by the off-road Land Rover, which developed into its own brand that remains successful today.

The series III is the most common series vehicle, with 440,000 of the type built from 1971 to 1985. The headlights were moved to the wings on late production IIA models from 1968/9 onward and remained in this position for the series III. The traditional metal grille, featured on the series I, II and IIA, was replaced with a plastic one for the series-III model.

A few Tuning options, mainly the ability to convert it the front to a Series II front (personally have always liked the Series II more) and offroad parts

3 Variants:
Series 3: Jeep I4 — found in the junkyard,auction,barns and orders
Series 2: Jeep I4 — found in the junkyard,auction,barns and orders
Series 3 offroad: DOHC v8 4×4 — found in the junkyard and auction

Bench seats — Willys Jeep

Known issues:
Part placement is a bit strange, mostly front driveshaft not meeting with the gearbox
Occasionally license plates bug out and can’t be placed, quitting out of assemble mode and re entering seems to fix it
clicking on the rear bench seats sits you in the front, to my knowlege this is a game not liking both front seats and front bench seats being used
the Series 3 and Series 2 kinda suck at the offroad test area due to not having that much power
Body Repair orders may cause issues, so avoid if you can

Let me know if i missed anything

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