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Brick Rigs: V-2 Launcher
Скачивай этот мод и добавляй V-2 Launcher в игру. Сделай геймплей Brick Rigs еще интереснее и наслаждайся динамикой и реалистичной физикой рузрушений!

14 Oct 2017


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Эта модификация добавляет V-2 Launcher в игру Brick Rigs.

Оригинальное описание: V-2 Launcher

Request from Timostrategy.

UPDATE 10/14/2017: Fixed Sd.Kfz wheels, added horn and changed the material of the missile, so it flies further now.

This vehicle is incompatible with current game version. Fixed.

IMPORTANT: Read everything before use!
DO NOT REPAIR as it may cause explosion. Instead, press [F], aim at the place where you want to spawn it and press [SPACE]. Arrow must be GREEN. If arrow is blue, the vehicle will explode or damage itself.
If vehicle blows up DO NOT repair and DO NOT use the manner above. You have to remove it, go to the garage and spawn it one more time.

To set out the stands:
1. Press Alt.
2. Move your mouse to the right. To fold them, move mouse to the left. You can also use [NUM 6] and [NUM 4].

To «unlock» the missile:
1. Press Alt.
2. Hold [D] key till the actuators reach their max angle. Hold [A] to «lock» again.

To actuate the launcher:
1. Press Alt.
2. Use W/S keys.

To fire the missile:
1. Press Alt.
2. Hold [NUM 9] until the missile takes off the launcher. The longer you hold [NUM 9], the farther the missile will fly.
You can fire the missile once you «unlock» it.
Once the missile hits the target(s), press [Middle Mouse Button] to detonate it for more damage.

To detach the launcher trailer aka the Meillerwagen:
1. Hold RMB.
2. Aim at the white circle between trailer and Sd.Kfz. 7 and press [E].

Press [C] to change view. There are 3 views from missile and 2 from Sd.Kfz. 7.

Hans has binoculars which allow him to zoom in/out (Mouse Wheel). Use Hans’ view to operate the launcher and fire the missile from a safe distance.

Both launcher and missile have Remote Controllers, which means you don’t have to be connected to the launcher to operate it.

Have fun!

If you have any ideas regarding my future creations, visit this topic:

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