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Brick Rigs: Naglfar Weaponised Invasion Helicarrier
Скачивай этот мод и добавляй Naglfar Weaponised Invasion Helicarrier в игру. Сделай геймплей Brick Rigs еще интереснее и наслаждайся динамикой и реалистичной физикой рузрушений!

24 Apr 2020


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Эта модификация добавляет Naglfar Weaponised Invasion Helicarrier в игру Brick Rigs.

Оригинальное описание: Naglfar Weaponised Invasion Helicarrier

UPDATE 25/04/20!

The cargo ramp is now fixed! 11 Months later and I’ve finally noticed that it was broken!

UPDATE 14/05/19!
The lite version with 25% fewer bricks is now complete and can be found here:
This version has also been updated with improved runway markings and a more reliable hangar turntable.


Aptly named after the Norse ship of the dead that heralds the beginning of Ragnarok, when this ship fills the sky, it will probably be the last thing you see. This gargantuan airship is purpose built for rapid assault and deployment of forces into enemy territory. It is held aloft by four massive heavy lift rotors, so it’s basically Satan’s quadcopter. It is equipped with a runway for launching and landing small aircraft and a plethora of weaponry including three fully functional gatling cannons. This ship is also equipped with revolutionary auto-stablisation technology, which allows a stable hover to be maintained while the bridge is unmanned. This allows a single operator to explore the ship and use the turrets while airborne, which enables extreme versatility.

My «Valkyrie» Compact Jet Fighter which is small enough to work with this helicarrier can be found here:

DISCLAIMER: This is a full scale, fully functional aerial battleship with 8719 parts. Do not expect a nice framerate and do not spawn in multiplayer unless you wish to get banned from servers! For reference, with a GTX 980ti, i7-6700K @ 4GHz and 16GB of RAM, I achieve ~8 FPS in flight and ~15 FPS when parked. For improved performance try the lite version (link at top) which runs about twice as fast on my PC.



Q: Start/stop engines
LeftMouse: Fire main autocannons
Alt: Switch between Hover mode and Tilt/Taxi mode
I: Toggle lighting
C: Toggle view

Normal mode (Hover Mode)
This is the default mode where the auto-hover system is engaged and the vessel will try to stay level. Camera can be freely rotated in this mode.

A/D: Steer Rotors (Yaw)
W/S: Forward/Reverse Boosters (LOUD!)
PgUp/PgDn: Ascend/Descend

Alt Mode (Tilt/Taxi Mode)
This mode can be used to disable the auto-hover and pitch/roll manually (good for strafing runs) and also for taxiing on the ground. Camera is fixed in this mode.

A/D: Steer Undercarriage
W/S: Undercarriage Forward/Reverse
Left/Right: Roll
Up/Down: Pitch Down/Up (Inverted Y)

Gunner Seats

Press C to find first person view
Use arrows or mouse to aim
Use Left/Middle mouse for primary/secondary fire

-Runway for small aircraft
-Fixed Gatling Cannon x2 (Main seat control)
-Gatling Cannon Turret (Gunner seat control)
-AA Cannon x 4 Turret x2 (Gunner Seat Control)
-Cannon + Heavy MG Turret x 3 (Gunner Seat Contol)
-Escape pods with auto-landing x2 (press Q to launch when seated in pod)
-Cargo bay with rear ramp (can accomodate ~2 main battle tanks or lots of regular sized vehicles)
-Cargo bay floor door with crane for carrying large cargo or retrieving smaller cargo
-Hangar with turntable (can accomodate one small aircraft)
-Dual Elevators linking cargo bay with hangar (can accomodate regular sized cars)
-Holographic ship status display in bridge (shows pitch/roll and engine status)
-Warning systems: Sounds siren and generates visual warnings in bridge when either a rotor fails, or tilt levels become unstable.
-Crew quaters
-Command centre


This vehicle is seriously pushing the game engine to the limit, and as a result there are some «minor issues»:
-God mode required when walking around ship. Respawning without God mode can launch the ship at extreme velocities in a random direction (usually into the ground)!
-Walking around the ship while airborne is only safe in the more open spaces. In narrow corridors, doorways, stairs, etc. player collisions can sometimes send the ship spinning out of control.
-Walking around the ship can also cause the autocannons to misfire for some reason, resulting in recoil which can cause the ship to drift.
-Standing at the front of the ship for too long can sometimes overwhelm the auto-hover and result in a nosedive (I don’t know why the player weighs comparably to a massive airship).
-The autocannons and AA cannons use proximity sensors which can behave unpredictably with the low framerate, resulting in misfires and non-fires.
-Never exit an aircraft in the hangar (I know this is annoying), as the player model will clip into the ceiling and either send the ship into space or smash it into the ground (does result in epic explosions though).


This vehicle can be safely spawned at airports or the front drag strip garage at the racetrack. The canyon has no safe spawn points, but free mode can be used to spawn at the flat area in the south west, or at a sufficiently high altitude to engage the engines.

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