City Car Driving
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City Car Driving: Skoda Superb (My First Ever Own Mod) для версии v.1.5.6
Скачивай этот мод Skoda Superb (My First Ever Own Mod) для City Car Driving v.1.5.6 и получай удовольствие от динамичного вождения и погружения в максимально приближенные к реальности дорожные условия City Car Driving!

BZ And JZ 26 Motors (Yes thats right what you see this is my first ever mod i made myself including a LHD conversion and extra and a very detailed mod) 3D model from i think from ETS2 Help and assistance and problems fixed by TJ This has been made especially for Kas and i hope you like it but also for everyone else as well Sound by Denis154rus Screenshots by Alexey Yurchenko/Алексей Юрченко


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Данная модификация добавляет в игру автомобиль Skoda Superb (My First Ever Own Mod).

Оригинальное описание: Skoda Superb (My First Ever Own Mod)


Baked body

13 extras to choose from

Accurate arrows including the fuel and temperature

Functional lights such as the engine and and low fuel lights and handbrake and indicators

Very detailed lightmapping in 2K

Custom sound by Denis as credited already

LHD conversion (Took a lot of time effort to make the conversion) with other extra options this will be stated in the extras

High polygon high quality model exterior and interior

High quality textures in standard 2K

Well prepared 3D model by myself to be realistic

Beige leather and wood and MPH and RHD is stock

Working exterior lights

Extras i made are:

1 Aluminum Trim

2 Black Trim

3 Black Leather Interior

4 Brown Leather Interior

5 Reversing Camera

6 Roofbox And Roofracks And Towbar

7 Grey Roofbox

8 White Roofbox

9 LHD (Left Hand Drive) Conversion

10 LHD (Left Hand Drive) Conversion With Reversing Camera

11 LHD (Left Hand Drive) Conversion With Roofbox And Roofracks And Towbar

12 KPH Speedometer RHD

13 KPH Speedometer LHD

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